Visit 7 PEI Apple Orchards This Fall

Visit 7 PEI Apple Orchards This Fall

If you’re looking for an outing to a Prince Edward Island apple orchard this fall, there are a bushel of great options throughout the province. Whether you want to go apple picking, enjoy a scenic autumn hay ride, sip warm apple cider or even decorate caramel apples, there’s an orchard for you.

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Here are 7 apple orchards in PEI that are worth a visit: 

1. Brady’s Farm

Grower: John Brady, 795 Canada Road, Tyne Valley • 902-831-2330 •

Our small, family-operated orchard contains 15 varieties which ripen between mid-August and late October. Tree-ripened fruit is picked and packed for sale at our farm gate, as well as in Summerside at Compton’s Vegetable Stand and on Saturday mornings at the Summerside Farmer’s Market.

VARIETIES: Russet, Northern spy, as well as 13 more varieties noted in the Apple Chart.

2. Arlington Orchards

Growers: Barry and Carol Balsom, 1158 Route 167, Arlington • 902-831-2965 •

Arlington Orchards was established in 1992 on a farm that was in our family for nearly 200 years. The first plantings consisted of McIntosh and Cortland, and each year since then we have added other apple varieties, or have tried out new rootstocks on which to grow the varieties. We also grow plums and pears in our orchard which covers over 50 acres in total. We offer a U-pick in September and October with Radio Flyer wagons for your convenience to pick your apples, school tours, free hay rides on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and other fun activities.

VARIETIES: Red Astrachan, Dolgo Crabapples, Melba, Joyce, Kestrel, Macoun, Wolf River, Ambrosia, Lodi, Sandow, Coxs Orange Pippen, Gloster 69, Alexander, Smoothee, Bethel, Wealthy, Fameuse [ Snow], Duchess, Empire, Hume, as well as 14 more varieties noted in the Apple Chart.

3. Beamish Orchard

Grower: Mike Beamish, 2100 Route 248, Warren Grove • 902-566-4135 •

We are a certified organic orchard with just under three acres of apple trees. Our first trees were planted in 1990 and we practiced integrated pest management from the beginning until finally progressing to full organic certification in 2006. We have planted scab-free trees. We are a small family-operated business; our five children have worked alongside us and continue to help out evenings and weekends. We were new to farming and have learned many things. We’re happy to share our experiences with you. Visit our website to learn more about our orchard.

VARIETIES: NovaMac, Redfree, and Liberty as listed in the Apple Chart.

4. Wintermoor Orchard

Grower: Mark Ashley, 906 York Road, Route 25, York • 902-629-1520 •

Our neatly kept orchard is located in beautiful York, only a short drive from Charlottetown. You are invited to take a picnic lunch as there is ample space to relax and a clean washroom is provided. Apple cider, produced on our farm, is available year round and sure to become a favorite from the first sip! Open throughout September and October.

VARIETIES: William’s Pride, Greensleeves, Empire, and eight varieties listed in the Apple Chart.

5. Macphee’s Orchard

Grower: Richard Macphee, 5151 Launching Rd, Cardigan • 902-583-3203 •

Our orchards are designed for u-pick with 4,000 trees pruned for easy picking and the best quality apples we can grow in our climate. We practice organic and ecological apple production methods. Over 40 varieties ripen throughout our season from mid-September to early November.

VARIETIES: Empire and Cox’s Orange Pippin are two of our main varieties along with 10 others listed in the Apple Chart. The remainder apples are a mix of new and heritage varieties.

6. Maple Farms

Grower: Barry Hanaveld, 494 Route 17, Lower Montague • 902-838-2345 •

Our farm began as an experiment in the early 40s before it was acquired by the late Bert Haneveld in 1952. A mixed farm, it went through many changes—through years when apples were $2.00 a bushel many different crops were tried in an effort to keep the farm in business, forest products, corn, pickling cucumbers,strawberries,bedding plants, and eggs which, for a time was a sustaining force until the late 80s when other family members took over that part of the farm. Plums and pears have over time been removed due to weather or other problems. But apples were the core crop that was the foundation off what is still there today.Our U-pick is open September to early November.

VARIETIES: Melba, red and yellow Crab Apples as well as four varieties listed in the Apple Chart.

7. Olde Towne Orchard

Growers: Marc Brunet and Josée Renaud, 257 Warburton Road, Fredericton PE • 902-621-0732 •

The apple orchard is located on a designated scenic heritage road in the beautiful rolling hills of Fredericton P.E.I. sheltered with mature trees, a running brook with a comfortable picnic area. The apple orchard features 650 apple trees. Our u-pick is open from mid September to end of November. Bilingual service.

VARIETIES: Gingergold, McIntosh, Cortland, Honeycrisp, and Jonagold as listed in the Apple Chart.

What about you? Have you gone apple picking yet? We’d love to hear about it!

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